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Einfach weiter! Deutsch B2 E-Book Group licence


The e-book Einfach weiter! enables teachers to deliver their lessons online or in class with a laptop/projector or an interactive whiteboard. Group licenses can only be purchased for carriers. Individual licenses must be purchased for teaching as a class set.

The e-book Einfach weiter! Deutsch B2 contains 12 units on a wide range of topics from everyday life, science, society and work. These units are independent of each other and teachers can use a modular approach, flexibly adapting the topics to their course! New content is introduced in the course book and this knowledge is then practised and expanded on in the workbook.

The workbook activities are ideal for self-study or homework. After every three units, a review section allows you to repeat relevant vocabulary and grammar in four stages and check what has been earned with progress tests.

In the ‘Fit for the exam’ unit, learners are prepared for the telc Deutsch B2 exam. With an original telc mock examination and the regular progress tests, learners are continuously familiarised with the exam format which builds their confidence for the examination. A separate chapter on pronunciation training as well as solutions and listening texts for all exercises for self-study round off the textbook. The audio files for the listening exercises are included in the e-book.

You can find a demo version here:

Please note that this product includes a group licence, which entitles you to download the digital teaching companion to a maximum of ten devices of your choice in your institution or on the computers of your course teachers. For course participants, please purchase the individual licence. The licence is valid for 2 years.  Please note: Purchase on invoice is not possible with this product.


System requirements:

Operating system: 

For local installation: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (PC).

For online use in the browser: iOS 12; iOS 12.2 iPad. Android 8.1 (tablet)


Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (PC): Mozilla Firefox 66.x, Google Chrome 73.x, Internet Explorer 11

Android 8.1 Tablet: Google Chrome 73.x

iPad 5th generation (iOS 12.2): Safari browser 12


Order process:

Step 1: Accessing the product

Nach dem Kauf im telc Shop finden Sie in Ihrer digitalen Bibliothek den Link zum Portal, hier werden Ihre digitalen Unterrichtsbegleiter und E-Books bereitgestellt.

Sie können sich außerdem jederzeit im E-Book-Portal direkt mit denselben Zugangsdaten, die Sie für den telc Shop verwenden, einloggen.


Step 2: Using the product

After you have logged in to Einfach digital unterrichten, you can use the product you have purchased. Click the "Open" button to open the e-book directly in your browser. To install the product directly on your whiteboard or laptop, use the "Download" button. If you have any questions, please contact our service team.

Authors: Nicole Fernandes, Ines Hälbig, Jana Hensch, Marika Liske


More Information
Edition 2020
Format E-Book
ISBN 978-3-946447-49-8
Order Number V01-4009-DEB-20MLZ
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