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Ben de Başarırım, telc Türkçe B1 Okul, Workbook


These training modules provide intensive practice for teenage learners preparing for the telc Türkçe B1 Okul exam.

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This workbook consists of four training modules. Each unit centers thematically around one main topic: “Our expectations for the future”, “People and Places“, “The Media“ and “Hobbies”. Each module has 12 exam-style exercises that provide classroom practice for Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking skills on the CEFR level B1. The workbook has been designed so that you can either choose to work on the unit topic as a whole or target a specific language skill singularly.

The student's book comes with 12 practice exercises and a vocabulary list. The Teacher’s Manual gives guidance on how to use the exercise material. It also includes an audio CD with the listening material for all Listening tasks, an answer key, audio scripts, photocopiable materials and a full Mock Examination.

In addition to these materials, we recommend using the Mock Examination to help students prepare for the exam and to familiarize them with taking standardised tests in advance.

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Number of pages 64 pages
Edition 1. Edition 2012
Format booklet (A4)
ISBN 978-3-940728-64-7
Order Number S01-5908-B00-510101
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