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telc Türkçe A2/B1/B2 Okul, Examination Handbook


The Examination Handbook strives to promote understanding of the test formats of the different exams. It demonstrates which skills are required and what type of content and tasks can be expected to appear on the real exam.

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The Handbook Türkisch Schule is a valuable guide for all native language classroom teachers and examiners who wish to gain deeper understanding of the exams telc Türkçe A2 Okul, telc Türkçe B1 Okul and telc Türkçe B2 Okul. Pupils also profit from receiving specifics on how they can prepare for the exam.

The Handbook defines exactly who the test is written for and includes extensive information on the structure, the subtests, tasks and marking criteria of all three exams. It also includes an appendix with a grammar guide, a telc glossary of terms (Turkish-German) and vocabulary and topics lists.

For perfect test preparation, we recommend adding the specific Mock Examinations to your course programme.

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Number of pages 116 pages
Edition 3. Edition 2014
Format booklet (A4)
ISBN 978-3-86375-050-3
Order Number S01-5934-B01-010102
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