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Situationen Deutsch Picture Cards 1–10 (German)


The 10 picture cards provide an illustration of important topics for teaching German at a low CEFR level: class and school, social contacts, mobility, health, work, everyday life, housing, shopping for food and clothes.

Photos do not only help to make language teaching at a low CEFR level more colourful and graphic. They are also small, practical assistants that support teachers and language mediators in organizing their lessons. The picture cards provide the possibility to work in groups, pairs or individually, to introduce new vocabulary and means of verbal expression, to practice spoken everyday situations in small dialogues and roleplays. Ideas and suggestions for their use in class can be found on the back of each card.

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Edition 1. Edition 2016
Format Picture Cards (A4)
ISBN 978-3-946447-03-0
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