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Einfach weiter! German B2 Course and Workbook


Einfach weiter! is a newly-developed general language coursebook at the B2 level for adults living in Germany and abroad. Einfach weiter! caters especially to motivated learners who have good study habits and wish to improve their B2 language skills quickly. When used in combination with the accompanying workbook, Einfach weiter! also provides excellent preparation for the telc Deutsch B2 exam.

Also available as telc-E-Book and Blinklearning version.

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Einfach weiter! consists of 12 lessons covering a wide range of topics taken from daily life, science, society and work. The lessons follow a modular format and can be used independently of each another in the classroom. This allows teachers maximum flexibility when adapting their course to fit their students' immediate learning needs. Each unit introduces thematically new content, which is then further practiced and consolidated in the workbook.

The workbook exercises are ideal self-study practice and/or homework assignments. After completion of three consecutive units, the revision section allows you to check your learner’s progress in a fun and engaging way as well as providing progress tests for controlled evaluation.

An additional unit called Ready for the Exam introduces learners to the format of the telc Deutsch B2 exam. Learners gain confidence and test-taking skills through the progress tests and the official telc mock examination included in the unit. Further additional resources include a separate chapter on phonetics as well as answer keys and audio transcripts for all of the self-study exercises.  

As usual, all audio recordings and additional resources can either be downloaded from the telc website or through the telc Deutsch-Box app. The telc Deutsch-Box app gives you complete access to all of your audio files anytime and anywhere and is available through your favorite app store free-of-charge.

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Autoren: Nicole Fernandes, Ines Hälbig, Jana Hensch, Marika Liske

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Number of pages 280 pages
Edition 3. Edition 2021
Format book (A4)
ISBN 978-3-946447-33-7
Order Number V01-4009-BAA-1901A
Delivery time 3-5 working days
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