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telc English B1 Hotel and Restaurant, Handbook


The Examination Handbook is a comprehensive reference booklet for teachers. It gives a full description of the test format, the language skills required of candidates to pass the exam as well as information on the type of topics and tasks candidates can expect to encounter on the real test.

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The Examination Handbook explains the test’s theoretical foundations. Whether item writer, textbook author, teacher or exam candidate, the Handbook aims to clarify and achieve a better understanding of the test and the requirements necessary to pass it. While the test specifications generally describe the various task types that can be expected to appear in each of the subtests, the Mock Examination gives hands-on experience in solving them. Used together, the Examination Handbook and the Mock Examination can help you and your learners feel more secure in knowing what to expect on the real test.

In addition to defining the test specifications, the Examination Handbook provides an explanation of the CEFR descriptors underlying the exam as well as a description of the language skills required to communicate effectively in professional life.

The Examination Handbook provides a comprehensive description and explanation of the learning objectives and exam requirements. For perfect test preparation, we recommend adding the Mock Examination to your course programme.

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Edition 1. Auflage 2021
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