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Grammar Training German for A1-B1


The Grammar Trainer Deutsch A1-B1 provides a wealth of additional material for learners at CEFR proficiency level A1 to B1 who wish to improve their grammar and thus gain more confidence in spoken communication. The Grammar Trainer Deutsch A1-B1 is suitable for either self-study or use in the classroom.

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The Grammar Trainer Deutsch A1-B1 focuses on all of the key grammar areas studied at the CEFR A1, A2 and B1 level. It is designed to support learners in identifying and practicing only those areas of grammar that are relevant to their individual needs. Each unit begins with an overview page, which presents each key grammar point clearly through rule explanation, tables, charts and example sentences. Students can practice and consolidate their knowledge in the exercise pages that follow. All of the grammar exercises can be practiced at various levels of difficulty and are labeled accordingly. Students are thus able to navigate through and independently select those grammar exercises that best match their individual language levels and needs.

The Grammar Trainer also includes all relevant verb lists and an answer key. The Grammar Trainer is thus suitable for either self-study or use in the classroom. It is an especially useful supplement for language courses using Einfach gut! Deutsch für die Integration A1-B1 as it revises and consolidates the key areas of grammar found in the coursebook through a rich variety of supplemental exercises. It also helps learners wishing to take the Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer gain more confidence.

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Edition 4. Edition 2019
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